Transplantation Proceedings



Transplantation Proceedings will once again publish the proceedings of the 17th Congress of the Asian Transplantation Society July 25-28, 2021. 

Persons with accepted Abstracts are welcomed to submit a full manuscript in conjunction with this meeting

We will begin to receive manuscripts on JUNE 1, 2021.

Manuscripts will be received through our online submission system:

Please be sure to select the correct meeting description from the pull-down menu.
If you have not already registered in Editorial Manager, you will need to do so.
Deadline for submission: September 25, 2021


We will open Editorial Manager for the receipt of manuscripts for CAST 2021 on June 1, 2021. In order for your manuscript to be considered for inclusion with the proceedings of this meeting, you must enter your homepage on Editorial Manager and select the proper name of the meeting from the pull-down menu when uploading your manuscript in Word once the site is open.

Transplantation Proceedings: welcomes persons who have accepted Abstracts for presentations to submit a full manuscript in accordance with our Guidelines for Manuscripts Associated With Meetings. Please follow the detailed instructions below regarding the submission of your manuscript. If you have any questions, please contact me at

Ethics - Transplantation Proceedings: This journal strictly complies with the Helsinki Congress and the Istanbul Declaration regarding donor source. Donors must not be from prisoners, or from those individuals who are coerced or paid. Please include a statement within the Abstract and Text regarding compliance.

Transplantation Proceedings: is peer-reviewed, therefore all manuscripts will undergo extensive review, and authors will be notified of the outcome. We look forward to continued collaboration with the Society in publishing groundbreaking transplantation research.

Special Note:
- If you feel your manuscript may benefit from inclusion of Roc analysis, Multivariate analysis, “p” value, “NPV” or “PPV”, then please include this in the initial submission as this is one of the most required revisions to manuscripts.

- If your data supports inclusion of a detailed Table of BMI, Age, Gender, or other demographic material, etc, then please include it initially.