Toby Coates {AU} Australia

Toby Coates

Toby Coates is a full time clinician-scientist and renal transplant nephrologist in the Central Northern Adelaide Renal and Transplantation Service at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and Clinical Professor in Medicine at the University of Adelaide, where he completed his PhD in Transplant Immunology. He undertook Post-Doctoral studies with Angus Thomson at the Thomas E Starzl Transplantation Institute at the University of Pittsburgh. He is the sole Australian Associate Editor for the International Society of Nephrology’s journal, Kidney International. He is currently the director of South Australia’s first (and only) Nationally Funded Centre for Islet Transplantation and is Head of Kidney and Pancreas Islet Transplantation at the Royal Adelaide Hospital. He has 110 peer-reviewed publications and has supervised 16 Honours and PhD students to completion within the University of Adelaide. He is a consultant to the National Transplant Service and a member of the Renal Transplant Advisory Committee of the Transplantation Society of Australia and New Zealand.