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Melissa Yeung

Dr. Yeung is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, and a transplant nephrologist and Associate Medical Director of the HLA tissue typing laboratory at Brigham & Women’s Hospital. Dr. Yeung’s research focuses on B cell tolerance and pathogenic vs. non-pathogenic antibody responses in transplantation. While B cells are central to the development of antibody-mediated rejection and chronic rejection, numerous studies have unexpectedly revealed a “B cell signature” in tolerant transplant recipients, uncovering a key regulatory role for B cells. Yet very little is known about how regulatory B cells (Breg) suppress the alloimmune response, or how they differ from pathogenic B cells. Dr Yeung’s lab seeks to comprehend the diversity of B cell subsets that possess regulatory capacity and the key decision points that determine their fate as regulatory versus pro-inflammatory. Dr Yeung has been awarded Young Investigator/Physician-Scientist Awards from the American Transplant Congress, American Association of Immunology meeting, American Society of Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics, and American Society of Clinical Investigation. Dr. Yeung has received grant support from the National Kidney Foundation, American Heart Association, Dialysis Clinic Inc, and the National Institutes of Health.