Kenji Yuzawa {JP} Japan

Kenji Yuzawa

Dr. Yuzawa is a vice-president of The Japan Society for Transplantation. He is transplant surgeon specialized in kidney, liver and pancreas transplantation and now the director of Department of Transplantation Surgery and the director of Clinical Research Center of National Hospital Organization of Mito Medical Center in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. Dr. Yuzawa received MD from University of Tsukuba and PhD from the graduate School, University of Tsukuba. He completed his residency in addition to general and transplant surgery fellowship at University Hospital of Tsukuba. Dr. Yuzawa has now many academic appointment, as a visiting professor of surgery, University of Tsukuba, an adjunct professor, Saitama Medical University, and an adjunct professor, Tokyo Women’s Medical University. Dr. Yuzawa got a certificate of appreciation for promotion of organ transplantation by Minister for Health, Labor and Welfare, Japan in 2013. Dr. Yuzawa works very hard as a member of Task Force on Renal Transplantation in Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Japan and as a member of The Committee on Organ Transplantation in Health Science Council, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Japan.