Kazunari Tanabe {JP} Japan

 Kazunari Tanabe

MD, and PhD is Professor and Chairman of Department of Urology at Tokyo Women’s Medical University and the Director of the Tokyo Women’ Medical University Hospital at Tokyo Japan. Dr. Tanabe earned his MD degree from Kyushu University at Fukuoka Japan, and completed an Urology residency and Transplant clinical fellowship at Tokyo Women’ Medical University Hospital and had a research fellowship in Urologic Oncology at Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio USA. Dr. Tanabe served for 30 years as the transplant surgeon and urologist of TWMUH kidney transplant program. He performed more than 2000 cases of living kidney transplantation. Dr. Tanabe is one of the pioneer of ABO-incompatible kidney transplantation in the world and devoted to develope a simpler, easier and safer immunosuppressive protocols for ABO-incompatible kidney transplantation and make it a routine kidney transplant procedure. Dr. Tanabe is also a clinical scientist whose research interests include surgical aspects of living kidney donation and transplantation, pediatric kidney transplantation, and desensitization of sensitized or ABO-incompatible kidney transplant patients. Dr. Tanabe is also the basic scientist in the field of transplant immunology and recently his team established a new central tolerance inducing protocol without any significant adverse events and try to apply for large animals. He has authored more than 300 peer reviewed publications and currently serves as a Deputy Editor of Transplantation journal. Currently he is an executive member of the Japanese Society of Transplantation and the Society of the Clinical Kidney Transplantation.