Hiroto Egawa {JP} Japan

Hiroto Egawa

He graduated Kyoto University in 1982. After 5 years residency and fellowship for surgery, he spent 3 years for research in Kyoto University. Thereafter, he spent another 3 years for research and clinical training at California Pacific Medical Center in USA (Mentor: Professor Carlos Esquivel), and he came back to Kyoto and dedicated to living donor liver transplantation and published many articles as a pioneer of this field. He moved to Tokyo Women’s Medical University in 2011 and established a new liver transplant program in Tokyo. His research targets biliary complications, vascular complications, EBV infection, hepato-pulmonary syndrome, ABO blood type incompatibility, PSC recurrence, PBC recurrence, alcoholic resumption, and HLA relating donor specific antibody. 

He finished 5-year term of an associate editor of Liver Transplantation in 2015 and continues an associate editor of American Journal of Transplantation. He is a council of Asian Transplant association, International Liver Transplant Society, and The Transplant Society.  He has been the president of Japanese Society for Transplantation from 2015, and a leadership not only for transplant filed but also for organ donation.