Hideki Ohdan {JP} Japan

Hideki Ohdan

Professor Hideki Ohdan is a surgeon in charge of liver, kidney, and pancreas transplants, as well as an immunologist. In other words, he is recognized as a " surgeon-scientist". He completed his medical degree in 1988 and his PhD in 1997, both at Hiroshima University, under the supervision of Professors Kiyohiko Dohi and Toshimasa Asahara. He gained experience as a postdoctoral fellow under the supervision of Prof. Megan Sykes at Harvard University, MGH during the period 1997-2000. He now leads an active medical practice and laboratory at Hiroshima University Hospital. His career has been focused on removing biological barriers to match organ donors with patients in need of organ transplants. This project is driven by the immediate needs of clinical patients, but involves solving a larger scientific mystery: how does the immune system recognize its own body as native cells to ignore and recognize foreign cells as invaders to destroy? Manipulating this sense of self could reduce organ transplant recipients’ need for lifelong medication and enable the immune system to eliminate cancer cells.