Angela Webster {AU} Australia

Angela Webster

Angela is an NHMRC Leadership Fellow and works as a Transplant Physician at Westmead Hospital. She is a health service researcher, with appointments as Professor of Clinical Epidemiology in the School of Public Health, and Director of Evidence Integration at the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, both at the University of Sydney. Her interests include multi-morbidity, specifically transplantation, cancer, infection and cardiovascular disease. The focus of her research is always on helping clinical decision making by presenting complex data as simply as possible to aid clinician and patient discussions. She has a long-standing interest in data linkage, trials, data synthesis, and making better use of existing data to improve health service delivery. She holds roles with Cochrane, KDIGO, and AJKD, and is executive officer for ANZIPTR. She is a member of the Gender Equity and Diversity committee, and past chair of SPEC with ANZSN. She was awarded Ian McKenzie prize in 2015 and the Josette Eris award in 2019, by the TSANZ. She is a terrible but persistent runner, likes knitting and keeps chickens.