Speaker Recording Guidelines

Speaker Recording Guidelines


CAST 2021 congress will be presented through a professional platform, Zoom, and will be moderated by a highly qualified and experienced technical team. The conferencing platform is rich in features like text chat, question and answer box, survey questions, and more.

All presentations (Plenary, Symposium, Debates, Oral Presentation) should be pre-recorded to improve delivery quality, avoid delays, and avoid technical issues. However, speakers are encouraged to be virtually present throughout the session to answer questions and participate in the discussion. If you are unable to present LIVE during Q&A, please inform the secretariat by 31 May 2021.


Click here to view the guide on how to conduct your LIVE session: CAST 2021 Technical Briefing Brief


Presentation Guidelines

Presentation format

1. Slide: Microsoft PowerPoint widescreen (16:9) preferred. 

2. Duration of your presentation: Based on the time allocated for your lecture.

2. Language: English.


Presentation Prerequisites / Set-up

To produce a pre-recorded presentation you do not require access to professional broadcast equipment or a specific training. Below we highlight the main features for recording a presentation.

1. Powerpoint: Prepare your presentation content using Microsoft PowerPoint. 

2. Computer: Use a laptop or a PC to produce the pre-recorded presentation.

3. Webcam and Camera positioning: Kindly make sure a webcam is attached to your computer (Built in / External). Set up your camera elevated to your height at eye level to capture a full view of the entire face and shoulders in the frame.

4. Microphone: A microphone is recommended as well as a quiet place cut off from ambient noise for a smooth recording and to avoid interruptions. An externally connected headset will offer better sound quality.

Visually appealing background: Make sure you have an appropriate background or a plain wall for your presentation. We request your kind assistance to ensure there is no placement advertisement in your background. We encourage the use of the CAST 2021 virtual background. Click Here


How to Record? 

Pre-recorded presentation:

For a pre-recorded presentation, you will have to record yourself narrating a digital version of your presentation.

You can use an application of your choice to pre-record your presentation.  A variety of tools are available to assist you and enhance your presentation, please find some suggestions as per below:

1. Zoom (How to record yourself doing a presentation)

2. Microsoft PowerPoint (Instruction video). Please export the completed PowerPoint file to MP4 format.

3. Prezi (Instruction video

4. Screencast (Click here for instructions


Recording Submission Deadline

Please note that the deadline to submit your pre-recorded presentation is no later than Wednesday, June 30, 2021. 

You may share the recording link to us via the speaker portal at the aformentioned link. Following are some file-sharing platforms you may use (not limited to): 

  • G-Drive
  • Drop Box
  • iCloud


Disclaimer and Consent Form

We request your consent to share your presentation for educational purposes. Kindly indicate your consent in the speaker portal through the link provided to you.  


To Access CAST 2021 Virtual Congress

Nearer to the event, by 10 July, a final instructions with your login credentials will be sent to you over the email to guide on how to access the virtual platform as a speaker.