Haphan Haian {VN} Vietnam

Ha Phan Hai An

Dr. Ha Phan Hai An is Senior Lecturer at Internal Medicine Department, Division of Nephrology, Hanoi Medical University (HMU, which is based in Hanoi and is the oldest higher education institution in Vietnam.

Dr. Hai An is Attending Nephrologist and consultant of Department of Kidney Diseases and Dialysis, Viet Duc University Hospital, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Dr Hai An received her medical training as general practitioner in 1987(excellent grading) and training in Internal Medicine in 1988 at the second State Medical University in Moscow, ex-USSR. She received specialized training in Nephrology in France (1994-1995), Japan (1998), Australia (2001), and the US (2005-2006). She is a fellow of International Society of Nephrology. Her research interest is Improvement of dialysis quality and Transplantation for patients infected with viral hepatitis. She has published about 60 articles in national and international peer review journals.       

Being a senior academic staff member of Hanoi Medical University and a senior specialist in Nephrology field at Viet Duc hospital, she is actively involved in educational activities for both under- and post-graduate training programs, in clinical scientific research projects, in clinical services, and in health promotion activities for community. She is a dedicated and qualified physician, highly respected by patients and colleagues. 

Being in charge of Nephrology Chapter of the Vietnam Urology-Nephrology Association, with the goal to develop the renal community in Vietnam, she is actively involved in developing the multi-lateral partnership between institutions, in improving educational and training methods, and in promoting the standardization of treatment techniques throughout the country.