17th CAST Awards


The Organising Comittee of 17th  CAST is pleased to announce that it will provide TWO awards under the following categories;

Best Abstract Awards

These will be awarded to the top SIX abstracts with the highest scores, with three awards each for:


A. Basic Science Category 

B. Clinical + Others.


The best abstract for each category will obtain a cash prize of USD500 + Certificate, followed by the second and third prizes for USD300 and USD200 plus certificate respectively. A total of USD2000 is made available for these awards.

Young Investigator Awards

These awards will be given to TEN delegates from low income countries whose abstracts are accepted by the Scientific Committee. These awards, each valued at USD200, will be in the form of complimentary registration for the 17th CAST. Any prepayment by the shortlisted candidates will be reimbursed by the Organising Committee of 17th CAST. The total value of this registration waiver will be equivalent to USD2000. Candidates selected for these awards will be required to register as a delegate, have submitted an abstract as the first author, endorsed by the Head of Department or Training Program Head, age 40 years or below and resides in a country listed as a Low Income or Low-Middle-Income Countries in the 2020-2021 World Bank Country Classification by Income Level.    


For the Young Investigator Awards, the shortlisted winners will be notified by 30th May 2021 by the Organising Committee. 


The winners of the Best Abstract Awards will be decided by the Award Committee of the Asian Society of Transplantation, and the result will be announced at the Closing Session of 17th CAST on 28th July 2021.


Applicant must be from a Low-income or Lower-middle-income nation as defined by the World Bank. See country lists below:

Low Income Economies Countries

Afghanistan Eritrea Korea, Dem. People's Rep Niger Syrian Arab Republic
Burkina Faso Ethiopia Liberia Rwanda Tajikistan
Burundi Gambia, The Madagascar Sierra Leone  Togo
Central African Republic Guinea Malawi Somalia Uganda
Chad Guinea-Bissau Mali South Sudan Yemen, Rep.
Congo, Dem. Rep Haiti Mozambique Sudan  


Lower-Middle Income Economies Countries

Angola Congo, Rep. Kiribati Nepal Tanzania
Algeria Côte d'Ivoire Kyrgyz Republic Nicaragua Timor-Leste
Bangladesh Djibouti Lao PDR Nigeria Tunisia 
Benin Egypt, Arab Rep. Lesotho Pakistan Ukraine
Bhutan El Salvador Mauritania Papua New Guinea Uzbekistan
Bolivia Eswatini Micronesia, Fed. Sts. Phillipines Vanuatu
Cabo Verde Ghana Moldova São Tomé and Principe Vietnam
Cambodia Honduras Mongolia Senegal West Bank and Gaza
Cameroon India Morocco Solomon Islands Zambia
Comoros Kenya Myanmar Sri Lanka Zimbabwe